Contact Information

Mylene Pischella
Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM)
292 rue Saint-Martin
75141 Paris Cedex 03, FRANCE
Room: 11 B2 39

Email: mylene(dot)pischella (at)cnam(dot)fr
Tel:+33(0)1 40 27 20 76
Fax:+33(0)1 40 27 24 81

Short Bio

I am an Associate Professor in Telecommunications at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in the Electronics, Control Engineering and Systems department (EASY) and CEDRIC/LAETITIA research team (EA 4629). I received my masters degree in engineering in 2002 and my Ph.D in communications and electronics in 2009, both from TELECOM ParisTech. From 2002 to 2009, I was a research and development engineer at Orange Labs, specialized in 3G and 4G networks. I have also given lectures at ISEP, ENSTA, Paris Dauphine University and TELECOM ParisTech. I hold the PEDR (Prime d'Encadrement Doctoral et de Recherche) for 2015-2018.

Research interests

Resource allocation

Distributed resource allocation in multi-channel networks
Application to PHY/MAC cross-layer optimization
Resource allocation on the interference channel
Resource allocation for D2D communications
Resource allocation for filtered multi-carrier modulations

Cooperative and relay-assisted networks

Cooperative and partially cooperative networks
Relaying protocols
Cognitive systems
Physical layer network coding

Collaborative projects

On-going projects

STAR (Science and Technology Amicable Researchity, France/Corea) on Massive MIMO

Former projects

PHC-UTIQUE C^3 (France/Tunisia)
Ambient Networks phase II(FP6 IST)
WINNER phase I (FP6 IST)